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Pink Resistix

Pink Resistix

World class fitness device that is easy to use and a user friendly workout for all!

Resistix will enhance, increase, and further develop the basic qualities needed for physical fitness activities. Speed, endurance, power, agility, accuracy, coordination, precision, balance, body feel, form, economy of motion, vision, awareness, timing, attitude and concentration, just to name a few!


• Comes with new Resistix MAX Bands and 1 set of original bands.

• Two lightweight cylinders used with highly durable resistance exercise bands. The bands are made up of high quality specialized treated rubber.

• Four basic exercise instructional training videos. (See DEMOS tab)

• Stimulate & strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons.

• Helps with arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis & tennis elbow.

• Great for a desk workout while at the office or remote home workout for individuals that use the computer and overuse of holding cellphone.

• Covid 19 safe workout; great for social distancing group exercise.

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